Take a look at this ultra rare 997 Porsche GT3 RS

It comes as no surprise to many that the 997 generation of Porsche’s famed GT3 RS is something special. With over 400hp from the naturally aspirated flat six and a massive rear wing preventing lift off, it is a sight to behold. Having said that it seems that things can’t get even more ‘special-er’. Or can they?


As it turns out they can. The following vehicle is a second generation 997 GT3RS finished in PTS ‘Zanzibar Orange’. As you might have guessed the colour is what makes this car. Not only because it is gorgeous but because there is only one other RS finished in this colour in the world.


‘Zazibar Orange’ was added to the palette in 2001 but later removed in 2003 and was never meant for this vehicle. It was originally ordered from new in early 911 ‘Signal Yellow’ but this was later turned down by the guys in Stuttgart. It was at this point that the owner decided to switch the colour scheme.


Complete with gold decals this could be best specced 997 GT3 RS in existence. As a reminder Porsche built only 543 997 GT3 RS’ all finished in the standard colour schemes. Of those 543 roughly 10% were PTS cars.


To make matters more interesting the car was recently listed for sale on the internet! Whether it is still available we don’t know, but with a car of this caliber our guess is no…

porsche files overlay 3


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